Our Partners

Mazurkas Travel Poland is a local Polish travel company that assists Poland at War Tours with seamless travel arrangements across Poland. If you are looking to travel in Poland, speak to Poland At War Tours about how we can make your travels dreams come to life.

Qubus Hotel group has many hotels across Poland. Qubus Hotel Krakow, situated within the site of the Krakow Ghetto, is Poland At War Tour’s choice of hotel whilst staying in Krakow. Speak to us about exclusive deals at Qubus Hotels in Krakow and across Poland.

Europcar Poland has a number of sites across Poland is Poland At War Tour’s choice for hire cars in Poland. Speak to us about exclusive deals with Europcar whilst in Poland.

Like the video clips displayed on the Poland At War Tours Website? Basecamp Digital Media will help you tell your story with compelling videos.

The Tourism Marketing Agency is an international digital tourism agency. They can help you tell your story. One that inspires and sparks the imagination, turning lookers… into bookers.

Poland at War Tours invites you to join us in a deep exploration of the history of WWII as it occurred in Poland. During our tours we will explore the occupation of Poland, the Holocaust, and remarkable actions of Polish resistance. The ethos of Poland at War Tours is to honour victims, celebrate heroes, but most importantly never forget.

It is hoped that through greater understanding of this history, humanity will stand together and state clearly, “Never Again!”.