Don contacted us wanting to book a 17-day tour of Polish WWII sights.

Don at the Operation Valkyrie Bunker, Wolf’s Lair

Don came to us with a unique challenge – he wanted to embark on 17-day journey that would take him through a comprehensive list of must-see historical sites related to World War II. However, he encountered a significant hurdle: most tour companies were either fully booked or had closed for the season.

Undeterred, Don got in contact with us. His trip was to begin at the end of September and although we too were ending our tours before Don’s arrival, we endeavoured to help him make his trip a reality.

We love to share the history and our love of Poland with others and so we studied Don’s list of sights and turned it into a personal challenge. Utilising our own connections, we brought together a team of professional guides and drivers, creating a personalised tour itinerary for Don that would cover the sights he wanted to see and on the dates he required.

“A heartfelt thank you to Tour owner and operator, Damien Stewart. His private and small group tours allowed me an experience of a lifetime! What Damien brings to private or small group tours is substantial!”

“His work ethic, behind the scenes insights, knowledge, multi-tasking, coordinating times, transportation, lodging, guides, drivers, and tickets is first class! Personally working to ensure all your expectations are understood and met. Damien will go above and beyond to solve and handle any unforeseen circumstances that arise with you or your trip.”
Donald Schorn LTC, U.S. Army, Retired

"He did for me! He will for you!"

As the tour unfolded, Don experienced the freedom to adapt on the fly. Whether he needed a moment to rest, explore at his own pace, or indulge his curiosity, the flexibility we offered allowed him to make the most of every moment.

His journey wasn’t just about history; it was an odyssey filled with insights, shared experiences, and the forging of new friendships. Traveling with dedicated guides, he had the opportunity to delve into WWII history like never before, connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring captivating destinations.

He delighted in picking the brains of his guides. Gaining personal insights and learning family stories along the way, their bonds quickly grew stronger, creating lasting friendships.

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    Your Historian & Guide, Damien Stewart

    Hosted by psychologist and historian Damien Stewart, these WWII tours in Poland guide you through Poland's storied past

    Damien’s passion for the story of Poland during the Second World War has developed beyond the creation of Poland at War Tours and become a professional pursuit.

    Damien has had an interest in military history since he was a little boy and in 2018