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Explore the true story of the Polish resistance.

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For those who have browsed our WWII Poland tours and decided they would prefer a more personalised, bespoke tour through Polish wartime history.

Whether your particular area of interest is The Holocaust, the Polish resistance, life under occupation, or any other area or theme relating to Poland during WWII, Poland At War Tours can meet your needs.

No matter your group size, big or small, please contact Poland At War Tours to discuss how we can tailor an itinerary just right for you.

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    Your Historian & Guide, Damien Stewart

    Hosted by psychologist and historian Damien Stewart, these WWII tours in Poland guide you through Poland's storied past

    Damien’s passion for the story of Poland during the Second World War has developed beyond the creation of Poland at War Tours and become a professional pursuit.

    Damien has had an interest in military history since he was a little boy and in 2018