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Explore the history of the Polish Resistance, the Holocaust, and the contribution of Polish soldiers to the allied war effort with our World War 2 history tours...

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The Occupation, the Holocaust, the Resistance — In-Depth World War Two Tours Led by Expert Guides

Your Historian & Guide, Damien Stewart

Hosted by psychologist and historian Damien Stewart, these WWII tours in Poland guide you through Poland's storied past

Damien’s passion for the story of Poland during the Second World War has developed beyond the creation of Poland at War Tours and become a professional pursuit.

Damien has had an interest in military history since he was a little boy and in 2018

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Poland at War Tours invites you to join us in a deep exploration of the history of WWII as it occurred in Poland. During our tours we will explore the occupation of Poland, the Holocaust, and remarkable actions of Polish resistance. The ethos of Poland at War Tours is to honour victims, celebrate heroes, but most importantly never forget.

It is hoped that through greater understanding of this history, humanity will stand together and state clearly, “Never Again!”.


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